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Chase Translation App 

Proof of Concept

Empowering non-English speaking customers to have seamless banking experiences


JPMorgan Chase | Chase Branch Innovation Lab | Assistive Technology Project | 2023


Lead UX Designer and Researcher: Conducted user research, designed the app interface, and collaborated with Innovation Lab Product Owners, Language Translation experts, and Software Engineers to implement the app's translation features


Emerging Technology: Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning (ML)

UX Design Applications: Figma, Adobe Creative apps

UX Methodologies: User Research, Usability Testing, Prototyping, Accessibility Design


The Chase Translation App was developed to support Chase's mission of becoming the bank for all by addressing the accessibility needs of non-English speaking customers in branches. The app was designed to provide a seamless translation experience, allowing customers to communicate effectively with branch bankers using real-time translation on the branch's banker tablet


Through research, the Branch Innovation Lab identified a significant need to enhance the in-branch experience for customers who do not speak English. The primary challenge was to ensure these customers could communicate their needs clearly and receive the same level of service as English-speaking customers. Additionally, the app needed to be intuitive for customers and branch associates, with minimal training required.

We conducted extensive user research to understand the pain points of non-English speaking customers and the current limitations of branch branch bankers and branch services. This included interviews, surveys, and usability testing sessions. The research revealed that language barriers often led to misunderstandings, delays, and a lack of confidence in the banking services provided.

Translation App User Personas


Through research insights addressing these challenges, the Lab developed the Chase Translation App. The app features real-time translation capabilities, allowing conversations to flow naturally between customers and branch associates. The app supports multiple languages and displays translations on each side of the screen, enabling both parties to see and understand the conversation in their preferred language.



User Research: Conducted interviews and usability tests with non-English speaking customers and branch associates to gather insights.

Prototyping: Designed low-fidelity wireframes and high-fidelity prototypes using Figma.

Testing: Iteratively tested the app in the Lab to refine the interface and improve usability.

Implementation: Worked closely with developers to integrate NLP and ML technologies for accurate translations.

Testing: Tested the app again with internal multi-lingual customers in the Lab to continually refine the interaction, the interface, and to improve usability.

Deployment: At this time, multiple security and regulatory issues were being considered to scale the app across 5000+ bank branches


The Chase Translation App pilot in testing branches received positive feedback from customers and bankers. The app significantly reduced communication barriers and improved the overall customer experience. Metrics showed increased customer satisfaction and reduced service times for non-English-speaking customers compared with the bank's default translation service and process. The project highlighted the importance of accessibility in banking and set the stage for further enhancements and scaling to deployment.

Asian Man Avatar in a shirt with text above his head
Digital Human Banker Training Screen
Harlem RSVP Kiosk Screen on a tablet mockup

Don't hesitate to contact Carol-Anne Ryce-Paul to walk through her experience design work with JPMorgan Chase. 


Due to prior contractual obligations, this case study has been purposefully anonymized and recreated to exclude any information pertaining to the company involved. Carol-Anne could not exit her role with any design work she produced.

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