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Proof of Concept - Digital and Spacial Experience

Empowering non-English speaking customers to have seamless banking experiences

Office with video screen outside


JPMorgan Chase | Chase Branch Innovation Lab | Assistive Technology Project | 2023


How might we create a self-service, private area for customer video banking on demand, allowing clients to seamlessly connect with virtual banking experts across all business channels, including the website?


  • We researched the current state of video banking and self-service options in the banking industry. We looked for examples of banks that had implemented similar solutions and evaluated their success rates.

  • We researched the latest trends in virtual expertise and how it could be utilized in the banking industry. We looked for examples of companies that had implemented virtual expertise to deliver innovative solutions for their customers.

  • We researched the technical requirements for building a self-service, private area for video banking. We considered factors such as security, user experience, and integration with existing banking systems.

  • We identified potential internal cross-channel, retail, and vendor partners who could offer the necessary technical expertise and support to build and maintain the video banking platform.

  • We conducted in-branch customer research to understand segmentation, needs, and preferences regarding video banking. We considered conducting surveys or focus groups to gather feedback on the proposed solution.

  • We evaluated the business case for implementing the self-service, private area for video banking. We considered factors such as cost, security, potential ROI, and the impact on customer satisfaction.

  • Finally, we developed a detailed roadmap for implementing the personalized platform, including timelines, milestones, and key performance metrics for success.


During the research, we gathered several insights to improve the video banking platform.

  • Customers prefer a simple and user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate.

  • Customers prioritize privacy and security when it comes to banking transactions.

  • Customers appreciate personalized services and offerings.

  • Customers expect optimized and efficient services and transactions.

  • Design for compatibility across multiple devices.

  • Integrate a scheduling feature for the convenience of appointments across platforms and channels.

  • Offer reliable customer support through chatbots or virtual assistants.

Kiosk Office


The current challenge is to enhance coverage across various channels while providing a level of reassurance to customers comparable to that of an in-person banking experience. Additionally, identify opportunities to offer customers private access to self-service tools, with support in their local language, financial advice, and secure ATM transactions while enabling access to new account openings.


Build a working prototype of an office retrofit in the Innovation Lab's mock branch with functioning technology and a live virtual connection to cross-functional bankers. To help put pressure on the optimal experience—overlay marketing and branding elements to bring the vision and expertise to life. Recruit usability testers and conduct research to understand how intuitive the space is and how it can be improved.

  • Accessible with ADA compliance plus

  • Synthesia avatar video to explain and rendered locally

  • Self-service space with security and privacy

  • Zoom-on-demand for seamless connection with a no-reservation system

  • Health: hand wipes and sanitizer

  • Leveraging branch security

  • Business-as-usual virtual bankers and authentication

Starline Kiosk


  • Space

  • Experience

  • Welcome Video Avatar Design

A man standing beside a vertical videoscreen with a woman on it
Asian man in a shirt with text above his head
Video screens with people and text

Video password = Innovation


  • Research, Synthesis, Insights, Customer Journey Flow

  • Self-Service Kiosk and Pod Design Research

  • Preliminary Kiosk Marketing and Branding Design

  • Design Sketches of Project-Relevant Kiosks + Screens

  • Video Production

  • Avatar Technology Research and Design of Welcome Avatar Video

  • User Testing and Customer Journey Iteration


  • Adobe Creative Cloud Design and Video Production Applications

  • Microsoft Office

  • Figma

  • Adobe Video Production Editing Suite

  • Synthesia Video Avatar Technology 

Digital Human Banker Training Screen
Harlem RSVP Kiosk Screen on a tablet mockup

Don't hesitate to contact Carol-Anne Ryce-Paul to walk through her experience design work with JPMorgan Chase. 


Due to prior contractual obligations, this case study has been purposefully recreated and anonymized to exclude any information about the company involved. Carol-Anne could not exit her role with any design work she produced.

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