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JPMorgan Chase Branch Innovation Lab


As a Lead User Experience Designer at Branch Innovation Lab, I collaborate with product owners to drive initiatives that improve the banking experience for bankers and customers. I manage the entire design process from ideation to research, testing, and iteration, ensuring a seamless hand-off to production.


Design should be practical, accessible, inclusive, and empathetic towards the end user. I align myself with ethical practices to assist the most people with the least harm. I immerse myself in the user’s context, needs, and aspirations to design functional and emotionally resonant experiences to achieve this. Collaboration, strategic thinking, and research are my priorities when creating products and services that meet the needs of all users and enhance their experiences.

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Don't hesitate to contact Carol-Anne Ryce-Paul to walk through her experience design work with Chase. 


The Innovation Lab team comprised several product owners, and Carol-Anne Ryce-Paul was the Lab's UX Designer. Carol-Anne led the team in research, ideation, and design for proofs of concepts, user testing, and design.



Executive Director, Corporate Business Development
JPMorgan Chase & Co

Carol-Anne approaches her work with genuine curiosity, a willingness to learn, and deliberate intentionality to help her teammates achieve whatever the task at hand. Further, her natural creativity and out-of-the-box thinking made her a fantastic fit for innovative work. She is a culture carrier to boot, spreading positive energy and optimism to all those she encounters. Any organization would be lucky to have her as part of their team.

I worked with Carol-Anne for several years and was always incredibly impressed by not only her creative abilities but her passion and curiosity, which drove her to take her design concepts to the next level. Carol-Anne was a massive contributor to the team and helped enable us to share and execute on our vision. She’s also just a joy.


Product Owner, Branch Innovation Lab
JPMorgan Chase & Co

Carol-Anne is incredibly creative, and her finished product is always perfection. She is collaborative and inclusive in her work. Carol-Anne is generous with her knowledge and makes time to teach and elevate others.

I collaborated with Carol-Anne on multiple projects and highly recommend her as a fantastic innovator, barrier breaker, researcher, and design lead. Her commitment to the client/customer, problem-solving, curiosity, and drive to find the best solution is invaluable. Carol-Anne's positivity, collaboration, and support in driving everyone to do their best are just a few of her priceless qualities.

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Digital Human Banker Training Screen
Harlem RSVP Kiosk Screen on a tablet mockup

Don't hesitate to contact Carol-Anne Ryce-Paul to walk through her experience design work with JPMorgan Chase. 

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