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Due to prior contractual obligations, this case study has been purposefully recreated and anonymized to exclude any information pertaining to the company involved. Carol-Anne could not exit her role with any design work she produced.


Proof of Concept - Case Study

Using Two Immerging Technologies 



A key finding in our Banker Research was restructuring training to prioritize hands-on training with 1-on-1 coaching that reflects the diverse opportunities and challenges our bankers will encounter in the field.

This insight narrowed our focus to explore optimal ways to deliver broad-based banker training for Financial Health.

Bankers coaching each other


Convert existing ‘flat’ or two-dimensional banker training into three-dimensional, multimodal interactive training that increases retention and aligns more closely with in-person one on one coaching for training.

Will bankers prefer the training approach?

Is it more effective and potentially even better learning?

Does the training apply to bankers in the branch?



  • Hands-on learning experiences significantly enhance training effectiveness by allowing bankers to engage in practical, real-world scenarios.

  • Practical learning helps bankers understand and apply complex financial concepts, fostering critical thinking and problem-solving skills

  • 1-on-1 coaching is highly beneficial for bankers, providing personalized guidance tailored to individual needs and learning styles

  • Coaching offers constructive feedback, aiding bankers in improving performance and professional development.

  • Training programs should cover customer service, product knowledge, regulatory compliance, and financial planning to mirror diverse challenges.

  • Coaches should be selected based on banking expertise and experience to provide relevant insights to bankers.

Two Researchers with post-it notes on a glass wall
A business meeting


Based on the research insights, the following technology recommendations can enhance banker training:

  • Strivr Virtual Reality: Use VR simulations for hands-on training, offering realistic scenarios.

  • AI Coaching Assistants: Integrate Artificial Intelligence for personalized 1-on-1 coaching, analyzing performance data.

  • Soul Machines Digital Human Avatars: Employ lifelike empathy-mimicking avatars for engaging and personalized training experiences.

  • Adaptive Learning Platforms: Use AI algorithms to customize training content based on individual needs.

  • Mobile Learning Apps: Provide on-the-go access to training materials for convenience and flexibility.

  • Feedback Mechanisms: Implement surveys and assessments for continuous improvement of training programs.


Transform banker training by leveraging innovative technologies:

  • Soul Machines Avatar Experience: Convert current training into interactive sessions with Soul Machines digital human avatars.

  • Strivr VR Coaching Session: Condense a 3.75-hour training into a 30-minute immersive VR experience using Strivr.

  • Offline Test Locations: Conduct testing in test branch locations with test and control groups.

  • Metrics and KPIs: Determine success through banker experience favorability and quiz scores, comparing A/B test and control groups for the Soul Machines experience.

  • Training Efficiency: Evaluate if Strivr VR training can reduce current training time by X% while maintaining or improving effectiveness compared to current methods.

Digital Artist
Virtual Reality Device


  • Interactive Experience with a Digital Human Avatar

  • Conversation Design for in person banking services

  • Virtual Reality and 360º Video Training

Banker Training Tablet Screen with Female Digital Human
360º Video Image


  • Qualitative Research with Bankers, Synthesis, and Insights readout as part of the research team

  • Interaction Design Research

  • Digital Human and Avatar Technology Research

  • Conversation Design between the Banker and the Digital Human 

  • Tablet UI Design Interaction Design

  • Design of Soul Machine Digital Human Avatars

  • Avatar Technology Research and Design

  • Banker User Testing, Interviews and Surveys


  • Adobe Creative Cloud Design and Video Production Applications

  • Microsoft Office

  • Figma

  • Soul Machines Digital Humans Avatar Creation DNA Studio

Asian Man Avatar in a shirt with text above his head
Harlem RSVP Kiosk Screen on a tablet mockup

Don't hesitate to contact Carol-Anne Ryce-Paul to walk through her experience design work with JPMorgan Chase. 

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