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Fisher-Price Toys R Us eCommerce

Fisher-Price Toys R' Us Page Redesign

The Fisher-Price Global Brand team requested a design update to the various Fisher-Price e-commerce pages on the Toys R' Us websites across Europe. Fisher-Price is an American company that produces educational toys and products for children and infants. Fisher-Price is a subsidiary of Mattel, Inc.


How may we, make it easier, for the Toys R' Us website's users to find the Fisher-Price products they want and need?


Our focus was on three key areas of the process:

  1. Help TRU users find the right products quickly and efficiently 

  2. Improve the TRU website experience

  3. Enhance learning and support for the user while choosing the right products


We spoke to the stakeholders and learned from their website analytics what their needs and sub-needs were for this site. From the collected data on the current website, we learned what was necessary in order for the design to be easier to navigate, service the user and be visually effective.


Initial Findings

We reviewed the current TRU sites and had these initial findings

The site was confusing

There was no order or clear categories for finding specific products

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